Contura : Strange setting in BIOS Setup / upgrading

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I'm upgrading an old Contura 420C and I'm a little bit in trouble...

First I would like to know why there is this strange setting in BIOS setup :

Disk Drive : Advanced : Operating System => MSDOS or MSDOS + Windows / Other

What does it change ? Writing method on the disk ? This Contura was running
under Win95 with this setting on "Other OS". I tried to set it correctly to
MSDOS or MSDOS + Windows, but in this case the disk is still "viewable" but
no program can be run (the error message is the sector can't be accessed
when trying to run a MSDOS program).

Also, I'm planning to reinstall a clean Win95 and I visited this group's FAQ
so I'm now informed with this notion of 2 Mo non-DOS partition used for F10
setup on these systems. I'd like to format the entiere disk, removing all
data (including this setup partition because I prefer to load setup on
floppy) : is a standard format.exe will format also this extra partition ?
I'd really like to delete this...

And my last question : when reinstalling Win95, I'll start with an empty
disk so will I have to let the setup on "Other OS" again or can I set it in
accordance with Win95 on "MSDOS or MSDOS + Windows" ? And when must I set
this correctly : before or after FDisk and formatting ?

Thank you very much for your help and best wishes from France :-)


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