Continuing Saga of the Dell Inspiron 4100..........HELP!!

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Well, I got the Win98SE OS loaded and working fine...........I have
identified the video adapter as an
ATI Mobility Radeon 16M..........can't locate a Win98 driver for it. The
WiFi adapter is an INTEL Pro 2200BG...........can't find a driver for it
either. Have not addressed the sound board yet.

The problem seems to be the OS........I think drivers are available for
both, but I can't seem to locate any for Win98SE.......a few say "all
operating systems, but so far that's BS.

I have been to the Dell site & d/l the configuration for my laptop based on
the Service Tag No.......neither of these components are listed in the
initial configuration.
I have been to the Intel site, but the OS is the hang-up there for teh WiFi
I have been to the ATI site and they offer software and drivers, but not for
my specific hardware.
I have been to joy there either
I have been to a dozen other "driver sites".....still no joy.

Anyone out there offer a constructive suggestion??

BTW, the reason I'm using Win98SE is because of the DOS-based programs I
have to run which require a large amount of memory for
computations........WinXP does not allocate memory properly to these



Re: Continuing Saga of the Dell Inspiron 4100..........HELP!!

BUTCH wrote:
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You *do* know about XP's Compatibility Mode, don't you?


Re: Continuing Saga of the Dell Inspiron 4100..........HELP!!

BUTCH wrote:
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With ALL operating systems they mean Windows XP Home, XP Pro, W2K, Linux..

Are you one off those people who are suprised that coal is no longer the
main fuel for heating? That it is usual to take a bath at least 5 times
a week? That phones exist without wires?

When 98SE was released the actual hardware and software (including
OS'es) at that time were hardly capable of handling USB or FireWire.

What you want is to have a 1280x1024 TFT hooked up to a GeForce 6800GT
running DOS 4.0 and than complain that you can't find any drivers, but
you need DOS 4.0 for that one stupid program.

Why not up to Windows XP or 2000, install VMware, run Dos Boxes and use
the latests drivers?

Trust me: it can be done!


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