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My presario laptop has been taken apart too many times and the small ribbon
connecting the touchpad to MB has become damaged at the edges.Does anyone
know where I can
purchase a replacemnet cable.Thanks.

Re: Connector cables

Bill typed on Mon, 17 Mar 2008 21:00:42 -0000:
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eBay maybe?


Re: Connector cables

Bill wrote:
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Visit and find the page for your particular model.  There
should be a page titled "Manuals" and there will probably be a link to
download the Maintenance and Service Guide for that particular series.

One of the useful things in the Guide are the HP numbers for spare parts
and assemblies.  You can order new parts directly from HP at the same
site.  (Look for a link to the Parts Store.)

Unfortunately, HP replacement parts are hideously expensive through this
channel, but for some parts it may be the best choice.  HP would want
414USD for a replacement display for my laptop, which is about 60% of
the replacement cost for an entire new machine!

It also appears that at least on some HP laptops the touchpad cable is
not listed separately.  The touchpad and touchpad cable are integrated
into the plastic top panel assembly, which for my machine would retail
for 112USD.  Ouch!

Otherwise, as has been suggested, you might try to find a dead similar
machine you can purchase cheaply.  The ribbon cable is probably a stock
item from some cable supplier, although in this modern age most
component suppliers aren't interested in selling single quantities to
individuals like you and me.

Good luck.

Re: Connector cables

Steven M. Haflich wrote:
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What model presario? I got lots of presario parts.

(formerly) Monsignor Boddom

Re: Connector cables

Bill wrote:
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These people have minor parts, including ribbon cables, for many notebooks.


Re: Connector cables

You may find that you have to replace the entire touchpad.

Bill wrote:
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