Connecting VAIO notebook to LCD TV

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I am trying to conenct my VAIO PCG-GRV680 notebook to Phillips 23PF5320
23 " LCD tv.

I have some problem with resolution. The LCD tv support computer
resolution of 1280 x 768 (60 Hz), and the notebook does not have that
resolution. The VAIO has resolution 1280 x 1024, but this can not be
shown by LCD tv. The graphic of VAIO is ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9000.

Can I get the 1280 x 768 by upgrading the graphic driver or any other
The VAIO has lcd screen of 16.1 ". I connect the notebook to LCD tv via
VGA cable.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Re: Connecting VAIO notebook to LCD TV

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This is one of the standard resolutions.

If it really isn't available, thy try the following.

1. Right click on the desktop and select 'Properties'

2. Select the 'Settings' Tab.

3. Click on the monitor with '2' in it.

4. Select the 'Extend Windows desktop onto this monitor' (or similar words).

5. Click 'Apply'.

(You may have already got this far)

6. Click on the 'Advanced' button.

7. Select the Monitor Tab

8. Unselect the 'Hide Modes that this monitor cannot display'

9. Click 'OK'

You should now be able to select the 1280x768 resolution.  When you click on
the 'Apply' button, the display is placed into this mode, but it only stays
for 15 seconds unless you accept it by clicking 'Yes' in a box that is
displayed.  If the mode is not compatible with you monitor [1], then it auto
switches back after 15 seconds.

HTH and Good Luck.

For completeness, just in case you actually succeed in accepting an invalid
mode, which means that you are unable to boot with a visible display, it can
be remedied as follows.

1. Reboot the PC (using the reset switch in necessary).

2. When the drive information appears, hold down the F8 key.

3. When the menu appears select 'Safe Mode'.  The PC will now boot into safe
mode using a standard VGA display [2] that every monitor supports.

4. Right click on the desktop and select 'Properties'.

5. Select the settings tab.

6. You will note that the resolution is set to 640x480, but the 'Apply'
button is *not* greyed out, which it normally would be.

7. Click the 'Apply' button.

8. Reboot the PC and allow it to start normally.

9. Follow steps 4 and 5.

10. You can now select a suitable resolution (it may require doing in 2
steps with a reboot in between - this is a function of the graphics driver).

[1] Only for users trying this with CRT monitors: if the display does not
appear *Immediately switch the monitor off* and wait out the 15 seconds
before turning it on again.  Damage can be done to the deflection circuits
by feeding CRT based monitors with inappropriate signals.  LCD monitors have
no such circuits.

[2] Some PC suppliers have succeeded in configuring XP so that it boots into
a mode other than VGA - usually a laptop's LCD panel's native resolution.
The Apply button in this case should restore normality without having to
follow steps 9 and 10.

Re: Connecting VAIO notebook to LCD TV

On Mon, 21 Aug 2006 10:30:39 -0400, "Michael N. Paris"

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Actually, I'm just a pathetic wannabe; Still grudgingly using only

(At least I can be proud for finally liberating myself from IE and OE,

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I never said Linux is perfect or even necessarily "THE Answer". I'm
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Could not a strong argument be made that many of the tactics and
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The insidious, blatantly deceptive way in which  the index.dat files
in IE behave should be enough to reveal the true character and nature
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Email address invalid. Please reply to group. Thank you.  

Re: Connecting VAIO notebook to LCD TV

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The 'Hide modes ...' option will also appear on the advanced dialog for the
primary monitor.  I don't understand you statement about not having a second
monitor option.  This is a feature supported by the ATI Mobility Radeon 9000
graphics chipset and should be visible in the display properties box.  If it
isn't then I would suggest that you might not have the correct video driver.

Re: Connecting VAIO notebook to LCD TV


Thanks again. I have checked the "Hide modes..." for the notebook panel
and it is not checked.
I meant by second monitor, that when I connect the my notebook to LCD
tv via VGA cable, the tv is recognised as primary screen as notebook's
In the window where you can see both the notebook panel and the
external monitor, and where you can choose which one is primary or
where you can turn on/off the monitors, if I click the notebook panel,
I can see that the "Hide mode..." is not checked.
But if I click on external monitor, then I can not see the option for
"Hide mode...".
Of course the adapter is on notebook. :) and that is why.

I still can not see the resolution 1280 x 768. For now I am using 1024
x 768, which is not good enough.

Hope you can help me some how to present that resolution on my card.

Thanks again.


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