Connecting Laptop with Desktop pcAnywhere?

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  I'm trying to remotely control my desktop with my laptop. I have pcanywhere
11 and WinXP on the laptop and Win98 and pcanywhere 10.5 on the desktop.
PCanywhere 11 doesn't do parallel connections so I'm trying a serial connection
and cannot get it to work.  When I double click to start the laptop's remote
session the connection window appears briefly and then disappears as if I've
done nothing and when I repeat the process I get a message the port is in use.
I can, however, use the desktop as the remote and control the laptop so I think
the cable I'm using is fine.
   Does "Direct Cable Connection" exist in WinXP and can it control a computer
running Win98?


Re: Connecting Laptop with Desktop pcAnywhere?

Posted by:  Deod   Dec 18, 8:49 am on Newsgroups: comp.sys.laptops
Subject: Connecting Laptop with Desktop pcAnywhere?

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if I've
is in use.
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so I think
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I would first off suggest that you try to get Win2K or XP running on
the Desktop as well, but if you can't, then yes Windows XP does have
DCC installed on it, but it is built into its networking software.

Go into "Network Connections" and then create a new connection.
Configure it to accepting incoming connections from other computers.
You'll have the option to use LPT or COM ports.

Once you have that operational, even using parallel ports, you should
be able to use pcAnywhere to connect via a TCP/IP network instead of
directly by ports.  When you connect via Direct Cable Connection it
creates a network using whatever protocols you have installed, I'd use
TCP/IP though some prefer IPX (its unsupported in WinXP but you can
install it).

Hope this helps.

Re: Connecting Laptop with Desktop pcAnywhere?

  Thanks. I'll give the Direct cable Connection thing a try. Does that
connection allow you to control the other computer (launch programs etc.?

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