Connecting Laptop to a Projector via Svideo

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Here is my problem.

I have a HP Pavilion dv1464dx Laptop running Window 7 Home that I need to
connect to a projector that has only an Svideo input. The laptop has no
Svdeo output, only a VGA jack for connecting to an external monitor.  It
works.  I have an VGA to Svideo adapter (the inexpensive 'Y' type) that I
connect to the laptop's VGA output and then connect its Svideo cable to one
of the Svideo inputs  on my TV.  Windows 7 detects the TV and allows me to
turn Presentation on. The TV accepts Svideo input just fine from my Cox
cable box.  However, with the laptop connected as above I keep getting a 'No
Signal' message from the TV.

The laptop has a Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chip set adapter which,
according to the specs, does support TV Out.  Use of Fn+F4 doesn't yield a
picture on the TV.   I am beginning to think something is inhibiting the TV
Out feature of the adapter.   Could it be Windows 7 or maybe because HP
hardwired it out?

Is there anyone here who has successfully used the 'Y' type VGA to Svideo
adapter?  If so how did you do it?  Will I have to buy one of the more
expensive adapters priced at around $70?

The real question is this.  Can someone help me get my laptop's VGA output
connected to the Svideo input of the projector?

I will really appreciate help.

Thank you.


Re: Connecting Laptop to a Projector via Svideo

Jack Gillis wrote on Thu, 10 Dec 2009 07:40:56 -0500:
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Well I can tell you my laptops with S-video out is a bit tricky to get
to work. As the BIOS must see it connected when you turn on the
computer, or it won't work later. Probably because the BIOS detects it
wasn't there at first, thus will not pass any info to Windows about its

Also I don't think you should think TV out when it comes to your laptop.
And whether or not the video chip supports TV out or not doesn't matter.
As you are using a VGA to S-video adapter. Thus your laptop should be
thinking it is going to an external monitor by means of VGA. I don't
have one of those adapters, but this is how I think it works.

Now I would check to see if the BIOS has a setting for the external
monitor. As it might be disabled in the BIOS and it will never work if so.

Secondly, I would have it all connected before turning the laptop on.
Even have the projector on and looking at the S-video input. Thus when
you turn it on, the BIOS will (should) see it. And then Windows 7 should
see it. May have to use Fn+F4 to toggle of course to switch from
internal to external.

If that doesn't work, try through the display properties. Although I am
not real happy with Intel display drivers for Windows 7 yet. You could
try to download newer drivers from Intel's website. Also *don't* install
the driver from Windows Update. If you did, that could be part of the

Gateway MX6124 ('06 era) - Windows XP SP2

Re: Connecting Laptop to a Projector via Svideo

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Thanks Bill,

I found the answer and posted another question as result in "What Use Is a
VGA to S-Video Adapter" on this forum.

It  has to do with the pin connections on the adapter.  What a surprise.

Thanks again.

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