Connect laptop GPRS?

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I wonder if anyone can help me and give me a good link or something about
how I can connect my laptop to my mobile and connect to internet with GPRS?


Re: Connect laptop GPRS?

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You need a cable for your mobile and driver software in your laptop -
both those likely come from your mobile telephone manufacturer IF they
are available (or possible).


Re: Connect laptop GPRS?

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Hi Yvonne,

It depends on the type of phone that you have. I use a Motorola V505
(which has Bluetooth), and I plug a USB Bluetooth dongle into my
laptop and connect very easily.

What's nice about a Bluetooth enabled phone is that I can also use
it on the run with my Palm LifeDrive.

Setup was fast and easy. I loaded The USB Bluetooth dongle CD to
install the drivers. I then plugged in the dongle. It recognized the
device. I then just went to Bluetooth devices and added the phone.
Which is also easy. All you do it set the phone to be discoverable.
The Bluetooth manager will then ask you if you want to 'pair' with
the phone. Tell it yes then give it a pin and you're set.

As to a wired set up, I've never seen one so I don't know how it is

Ciao . . . C.Joseph

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