connect Dell laptopto projector

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Here is what happend to me.

I used Dell laptop for more than 2 years and ran in to trouble during
presentation everytime because when I press Fn+F8, it will give me 3
1. Notebook only
2. Projector with background screen + Notebook with full screen
3. Projector with full screen only

But what I want is Projector with full screen + Notebook with full
screen.  I never knew why until now.

The option 2 that I mentioned is from the virtual multiple screen
option so if you are in that option, and drag one of your application
on your right hand side, the application will be on your projector.

You can try to configure at Control panel setting but the easier path
is to
1. go to your desktop
2. right click on your desktop
3. Choose "Graphics Options -> Output to -> Intel(R) Duel Display Clone
-> Monitor+Notebook"

Just this you can output your display to any option you want with just
right click.

Wish you luck..

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