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I want to buy a laptop but i'm so cofused when i look at all the
different models.  What should i look for when buying one?  I mainly
want it for homework so it must have internet conection.

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I'd suggest you focus on four things:

1.  Keyboard size (often the last thing that people consider).
     Ensure that between the left-hand side of the left-hand shift
     key is at least 11"" from the right-hand side of  the right-hand
     shift key. This will allow you to keystroke without hitting two
     keys at a time, and allow your keyboarding skills to transfer
     from desk-top keyboard to your laptop keyboard (and vice-

2.  A display size of at least 15".

3.  A built-in dial-up modem, plus an Ethernet RJ45 socket (to
     better support broad-band), and built-in Wireless.

4.  Good support. From the tales I hear, the best support seems
     to be from Dell.

I would suggest a Dell Inspiron 1501, or if you can run to it a Dell
Inspiron 6400. The 6400 gives 1 year collect and return warranty, while
the 1501 only gives a 90-day collect and return warranty (though you can
buy extended warranties).

Tony Morgan

Re: confusion

thank you for your advice on this tony.
Tony Morgan wrote:
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Re: confusion

Tony Morgan wrote:
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A purchase through Dell's Small Business Division (or higher) affords
one the option of purchasing Gold Tech Support... Short hold times and
a guarantee of talking to a US based tech.



Re: confusion

Other factors to consider:

Memory - at least 512MB to run WinXP, at least 1GB if you expect to use
Vista.  Be sure to account for any memory used by the video system (for
example, lower end machine may come with 512MB RAM, but 128 is used for
video, leaving only 384 for the system - not quite enough)

Hard Disk - at least 60GB.  You may not think you need that much now, but in
time you'll store music, larger data files, need more programs for your
school work....

Optical Drive - get one that writes DVDs.  Most common now are CD writer/DVD
reader, but you will want the ability to write to DVD to backup your data
more easily.

Software Bundle - don't be swayed by a machine that seems to come with lots
of software preinstalled.  Lots of them are 30-90day trials, for which you
will have to pay to continue using.  Many of the other bundled programs are
freeware that may be of no interest to you.  All of it will eventually have
to be removed from the machine, as you need the space to store your songs
and homework and .....


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Re: confusion

Well, you will get a zillion answers, but here would be some of the
considerations at the top of my list:

Processor - Intel Core Duo or [slightly more powerful and a lot more
expensive] Core 2 Duo [note: The difference from core duo to core 2 duo
in the LAPTOP CPUs is not that great ... nothing like what the
improvement from Pentium D to Core 2 Duo is in desktop PCs].  In
particular, NO CELERONs.  And probably no Core Solo's either.

Optical Drive - personally, I would not buy a unit without a DVD BURNER.
  If it only has a "combo" drive (burns CDs but only reads DVDs), move on.

Operating System - If buying right now, look for one that has XP Media
Center or XP Pro.  The upgrade to Vista that you get with these is worth
about $100 to $200 more than the upgrade that you will get if your
laptop only comes with XP Home.  And be sure to take the Vista upgrade
even if you don't think that you will want it (I'm saying take it, not
necessarily install it).  It's free if you have XP MCE or Pro, and the
value is substantial ($100 to $200). wrote:
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