computrace fun program to reset ?

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i have a dell d520 and its running realy good,  yesterday i found the
computrace program in the bios settings, and it sayes when i have turned it
on i can not turn it off again ?? did no one realy try to change it ?

well i have change my to disable and now i trying to reset/change the
settings again tryed many things but none realy works for me ?

i tryed the normal hardisk format, but did not work becouse the software is
on the BIOS

tryed to reset the BIOS by removing the batt. from the MB and the normal
batt.(the one for power) after 1 night off it did not reset it.

tryed to flash the BIOS with on older BIOS after reboot it did not change ?

do i realy have to remove the org. BIOS on the MB ? if i want to change the
settings ?

hope someone like to play with ther laptops like me =)

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