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Anyone know of a Computer keyboard that doesn't have large gaps/spaces
between the keys, very much like the way laptop keyboards are now
I cleaned mine today & removed a large amount of debris

Re: Computer Keyboard

Martin ( wrote:
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***   Go to an industrial supplier; they use keyboard covers for dirty
settings. Ask where they get them.

         Richard Bonner /

Re: Computer Keyboard

On Fri, 18 Jan 2013 18:41:04 +0000 (UTC),
(Richard Bonner) wrote:

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Thanks Richard I'll try that

Re: Computer Keyboard

On 1/19/2013 4:05 AM, Martin wrote:
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a couple of problems.
1) If this is your primary keyboard, you'll probably not like the feel.
Not a problem for some seldom-used machine.
2) the covers are custom molded to the EXACT shape and spacing of the
keys.  You may have to buy a specific keyboard that matches an available

Re: Computer Keyboard

On Fri, 18 Jan 2013, Martin ???? wrote:

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I don't think this will help.  The real difference between desktop
keyboards and laptop keyboards is depth.  If you actually look at a
desktop keyboard, the spacing isn't that differnet from a laptop keyboard,
it's just that the desktop keys come up frm that point, narrowing to the
actual top of the key, providing an illusion of more space between the

I have the impression laptopkeyboards are harder to get the keytops off,
but that could just be my perception.  The junk will get under the keytops
no matter what the keyboard, and if the keytops are harder to get off,
then it will be even harder to keep clean.

That said, last year at the Rotary Club garage sale, I got an external
keyboard that was like laptop keyboard, low keys.  I think it takes up too
much space, but on the other hand, it includes a touchpad and one of those
"joystick" things stuck in among the keys.  I don't know if those are
still being made. I couldn't get beyond the size, but it is useful for
testing things, having the touchpad right on board.


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