Compaq R3000 Series

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Please share your views on The Compaq R3000 series or any experiences
with Compaq Laptops or their customer service here, I am seriously
considering a Compaq R3000 series laptop. Any sugestions will be great.

FYI, The Compaq being considered has...

P4 3 Ghz
80 Gig HD
512 MB RAM
64 MB Mobility Radeon 9000.

Once again, any views will be helpful. Thanks

Re: Compaq R3000 Series

I can't address the R3000 specifically, but I have had considerable
experience with Compaq tech support (I've bought about two dozen Compaq
laptops for my department, as well as having personally owned 5
different Compaq laptops, so have had multiple opportunities to deal
with them during the last 7-8 years).

I would definitely rate Compaq support ahead of Dell, Sony, or Toshiba,
the other brands' support I've dealt with, and on par with IBM. Of
course, there are those times when you get a real turkey on the line, so
when that happens I've learned to hang up and redial. FWIW, of late I've
not gotten any Indian call center respondents, so I'd guess that HP has
moved their call centers back to the US.

I don't know whether there's a difference between the "consumer grade"
machine support (those with 1-yr warranty) vs the "corporate grade"
(3-yr warranty), insofar as I've only bought hardware with 3-yr warranties.

As always, your mileage may vary, but I've generally been pleased with
Compaq (now HP) support (and I haven't bought Dell in at least 3 years
because their support sructure is such a nightmare; there, I've said it
and I'm glad!).


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