Compaq Presario x1000 Power issue

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My battery pack started to not hold a charge and the time to run
diminished, so I purchased a replacement battery pack.  Things
seemed to work
well for a month, then as I was surfing the net
(wireless) and working on a
spreadsheet, the power failed running while
running off the battery.  So I
plugged in the power cord and as it
booted… it turned-off.   It does boot, but
will just turn-off
unexpectedly.  Things I’ve notice:
-    Wiggling the power connector doesn’t seen to impact behavior (I
thought the
cord coming out of the brick might be damaged with usage)
-    With the laptop off and battery installed, I heard a searing sound
near the
door where the memory is installed.
-    Sudden shutdown occurs even when the battery is removed.
-    The battery light never goes Green
-    The battery light sometimes blinks/flashes amber
-    The battery light when the power cord is first plugged-in will glow
amber then
slowly fades to off
So is the DC-DC motherboard supply failing?  Can it be replaced?

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