Compaq Presario v200z (AMD Turion), Video Issue

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I am having a hard time getting Windows 2000 to work properly on my
Compaq Presario v2000z. I am stuck with 16 colors and a 680 by 480

This machine has a 64 bit AMD Turion 1.6 Mhz. The Win XP installation
that came with the latop, of course, works fine...but the Windows 2000
installation I added is stuck with 16 colors only. The display driver
loaded is "VGASave", which as I understand is what the system uses when
it can't figure out what kind of display adapter you have.

HP's support site has no info whatsoever for v2000z!!

I am told that the issue may be with the video driver or the chipset
driver or both. My video adapter is a ATI RADEON XPRESS 200M, and the
chipset, I am told, is ATI RS480M. I have been talking to HP support
and trying all sorts of chipset drivers and video drivers, but video
driver installation either aborts with a message similar to "..can't
find adapter, make it work with VGA first", or the installation goes
fine, but on reboot, after the windows logo, screen goes blank, though
the hard disk keeps spinning for a while. On rebooting and choosing
Safe Mode, I see that the system thinks there are no issues with the
drivers (no yellow marks in Device Manager).

HP support doesn't seem to know what they are doing. While using their
real time chat, sometimes I get the feeling they are googling the web
for answers, rather than relying on their own expertise or internal
resources! They give me links to external sites that I have already
visited and that did not help.

I have talked to ATI as well. After suggesting a few things (such as
trying their Catalyst driver), they told me to contact HP.

Anybody got v2000z's display to work with Win 2000? Or can anybody tell
me what the suspect may be for the blank screen after windows logo?

I am about to return this laptop because I really need Win 2000.


Re: Compaq Presario v200z (AMD Turion), Video Issue wrote:
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You have answered your own question: the laptop hardware is not fully
supported by Win2k.  Return the laptop and find one that was originally
designed in all its parts for Win2k, an OS that is what, six years out
of date?  BTW, the reason that there are no errors in Safe Mode is that
the video driver was not loaded since that's what Safe Mode is all
about - eliminating drivers as a cause for system failure to give the
user a chance to correct the driver errors.

ATI has no intention of making its newly-released embeded graphics
compatible with Win2k since no one in their right mind would do a
downgrade to Win9x or NT or Win2k; and besides, there's no market for
Win2k any more (Microsof has ruled on this, good or bad).

I am frankly surprised that HP gave you the time of day for problems
with an unsupported, downgraded OS; kudos to them - and I wonder who
really does not know what they are doing with this problem.

The solution is clear: find a laptop compatible by design with Win2k.
eBay might work.


Re: Compaq Presario v200z (AMD Turion), Video Issue

Thank you not for your knee jerk reaction. You don't use Win 2000
doesn't mean everybody else doesn't. Microsoft is commited to
supporting it till 2010. Both ATI and HP have products they are selling
with Win 2000 support. It's just that the processor (64 bit AMD Turion)
and chipset for v2000z are rather new, so HP is yet to get their act
together to have it work with Win 2000. When enough customers bug them,
I am sure they will get it to work. They haven't even had time to list
v2000z as one of the supported laptops on their support web site.

About returning the laptop...after HP support wasted more than two
weeks of my time trying to get this laptop to work with Win 2000, their
sales people told me today it's too late to return it. I missed the
deadline by around 7 days. After buying a total of 7 pcs/laptops from
them over last 2 years for family and friends, I am not inclined to go
back to them for more. I have had much better experience with Thinkpads
when it comes to support issues like this.

I am still hoping for some constructive suggestions. If I can get linux
to work on this machine, there's gotto be a way I can get more than 16
colors in Win 2000. Almost all else is working in Win 2000.

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