compaq presario screen problems

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I bought a Compaq Presario R3430US a year and a half ago and recently
I've been having a few issues with it. The fans have become
increasingly noisy and the computer has been producing more heat than
it use to. It has also begun to shut itself off, often after making a
considerable amount of noise with what I believe is the fans. A few
days ago I moved the screen and the image become snowy and some of the
colors distorted. The most noticeable change was that most of what was
black is now neon green. Shortly after that, the screen went dark
gray, not showing any color. Its not the black that the screen is when
the computer is off, but there is nothing showing. I was wondering if
anyone knows what is wrong with it, and if the problems are fixable.
Thank you!

Re: compaq presario screen problems

You have two distinct sets of symptoms suggesting perhaps two different
and unrelated problems.

The first symptoms, involving the fan noise, heat and shut downs, all
point to a cooling system clogged with dust and possibly hair.  The fix
is to clean it out.  Sometimes this can be done from the outside with a
can of compressed air, other times it requires disassembly.

The second set of symptoms involving the screen suggests a likely
different problem (although there is a chance it's related to heat
also).  The resolution of this is less clear, and less likely to be
"self service".  Does the laptop still work normally with an external
display? wrote:
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Re: compaq presario screen problems

I connected the laptop to an external monitor, and was able to see
everything clearly. The colors were back to normal, and the picture
was fine.

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