Compaq Presario R3300 power on/charge problem

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I was able to successfully change the power connector on one of our
Presario R3306 notebooks. The solder connections are fine. The notebook
powered up okay and I had it running fine for a time on the AC. I then
let the battery drain completely.

Now, I cannot get the notebook to power up at all, either with the
battery or AC adapter. I tried to remove the battery and AC adapter,
hold the power button for 45 seconds, then re-insert the power adapter.

The AC charge light blinks (sometimes faster, sometimes slower). Then
the light may go off for a while. When I press the power button, the
power and hard drive lights come on momentarily then go off.

What might be the problem here?  It is quite puzzling. Are there codes
for these flashing patterns?

Mike McWhinney

Re: Compaq Presario R3300 power on/charge problem

Sounds like you missed somthing in the process of replacing the jack.
There is a Diode that weve seen open on this model in the supply
circuit. Get your meter ready!

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