Compaq Presario r3000 and USB mouse

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I have a one year old Compaq r3000 laptop and am running XP Pro as my
primary OS (I also have Mandrake as a dual boot). Whenever I cold boot into
Windows (this includes coming out of hibernation) my USB mouse (Labtec
optical, but I tried others) is not recognized. It is getting power based on
the fact that the optical asensor light is on, it is just not getting
recognized. If I plug it in while Windows is running it is recognized from
that point onward.

In addition, although cold booting into Linux the mouse is not recognized
even if I plug it in while Linux is running. However, if Windows has
recognized it, and I then reboot into Linux it does work for a few minutes,
then stops responding for no apparent reason.

This happens regardless of which of my three USB ports are being used. Also,
this does not occur with the USB DSL modem and the UB printer I use.

If somebody can shed light on this, please help.

Boris Zakharin

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