Compaq Presario (2580US) Broadcom 802.11g supports Bluetooth?

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    I had a chance to set one of these up for someone a while back
and noticed that, under the driver "Advance Configuration" tab it showed
an option to enable Bluetooth.  This is the Broadcom 802.11(b/g, maybe
a?) wireless minipci card that shipped with the machine.  Nothing to
test the Bluetooth with at the time so I couldn't verify it it actually
did have Bluetooth.  The Broadcom website doesn't show Bluetooth as
integrated with any of it's wireless chipsets either.

    Does anyone know if these actually do support Bluetooth or if
you have one of these cards/laptops can you test it and let me know?
I've always wondered why minipci wireless cards aren't supporting both
these days, same frequency, already have a transceiver for it, just a
matter of adding another chip or some more logic to the 802.11 chipset I
would think.

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