Compaq Presario 1800T and I need help!!!

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I purchased this laptop off of Ebay for my mother in law.  She is terminal
with cancer and we thought it would be great for her to use in the hospital
when she goes for treatment.
The issue is this.  The individual who had it prior to me upgraded the hdd
so I am unable to use the restore cd to reload everything.  It uses Win98
and that is fine.  Problem is, it boots as far as the desktop and then
completely locks up.  Does the same thing in Safe Mode.  One icon will go
fuzzy and that is it.  I have done the POST and it shows no errors.  Bios is
fine.  CMOS is holding the settings.  Works great in DOS.  I had no problems
when I loaded the OS.  I have checked the heatsink and it is super clean, no
wear.  Fan runs.  Someone mentioned that the inverter might need replacing
but I don't know.  It is in super shape except that it locks up.  All I was
going to do was just load it with Win98, install whatever drivers were
needed from Compaq, call it a day, and let my mother in law play her
Solitaire.  Does anyone have any ideas on where to get me started?

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