compaq presario 1700t driving me crazy!

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so i am completely new to this be gentle =)

i got a presario 1700t not to long ago and the fan will not come on.
so i replace the heatsink and fan with a new heatsink and
fan....still no dice.  i take the entire thing apart......check for
loose solder joints etc.  everything appears to be fine.  still no
fan.  i've ran cpustress to max out the cpu to get it hot in attempts
to see if the fan would come on.....nothing.  i have upgraded the bios
to get an "thermal detection diagnostic was not completed
successfully, check thermal sensor"  downgraded the bios so the
message went away.  i ran the computer without the heatsink in at all
to see if the thermal sensor would shut it
down......affirmative.....the thermal sensor appears to be
functioning.  there has been instances in all the mayhem where the
fan would come on at boot......and then turn off.

i am currently running linux (xubuntu dapper 6.06) and i am dead set
on keeping this laptop and getting it working because the hardware is
just so well supported in linux.

gah i've gone cross eyed.



Re: compaq presario 1700t driving me crazy!

in the BIOS , is power/fan enabled ? Auto ? If so, what controls the fan
? the OS ? or the hardware ?
Go to and search for
Compaq Presario 1700EA   ( your exact model number)
So if it's a windows app sensing the temp / issuing the command to turn
the fan ....
BTW, do a search there for linux and all you get is:
"HP does not endorse any specific distribution of Linux".

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Re: compaq presario 1700t driving me crazy!

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Why do you want the fan to come on? Is there actually a problem? Is the
machine freezing or switching itself off?

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