Compaq Presario 1700 recovery procedure

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    I've got a Presario 1700 that needs recovering. The CD that was given to
me for the task boots windows 98 then halts at an a: prompt. It appears to
be the recovery disk, it has two compressed files on it, bootsec.bin and
bootcat.bin, which uncompress in to a ramdrive. Now there's no other way to
proceed. I don't have any directions for the procedure, and would appreciate
any help. If this isn't the CD i'd appreciate it if someone had an iso, or
how to do the procedure.

Re: Compaq Presario 1700 recovery procedure

Dave wrote:
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 From the A:\> prompt type D:\[enter key].  This should give you a D:\>
prompt.  At this prompt type dir *.exe /p[enter key] to produce a paged
list of the executables in the uncompressed files.  Look for the usual
setup.exe, or maybe recover.exe or something like that.  If you see one
of these, especially setup.exe then type at the D:\> prompt setup[enter
key] to start the recovery.  I am assuming that the RAM disk is D:


Re: Compaq Presario 1700 recovery procedure

    Thanks for your reply. There are no setup.exe or recovery.exe files on
the ramdrive. There is a, but that does as you would expect. This
disk is bootable, but there's nothing to do after that.

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