Compaq Presario 1200T Problem

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Let me start by saying any help is really appreciated...

My girlfriend asked me to look at her laptop, which according to her
hasn't worked for a while (12+ months)... She says, "it got really hot
and started smoking out of the back."  When I plug it in, the LED on
the power supply flashes, but it won't turn on.  Now, I haven't ripped
it open and maybe I should, but I wanted to hear if anyone had any
ideas first.  Thanks in advance.

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Most old-timers know that smoke is factory-installed and if it escapes
the equipment dies and requires a factory repair.


Re: Compaq Presario 1200T Problem

Great answer, Q.

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Re: Compaq Presario 1200T Problem

Chances are the Power connector from the power jack to the motherboard has
broken off and it is arching at that area. Just took one apart last month
and exhibited exact same symptom: plugged the AC adapter in and the LED on
the AC Adapter is blinking and nothing happened when the power button was
pressed. I took it apart and unfortunately on this one, the arching had
eaten a partial hole onto the motherboard and it can't be fixed. Hopefully
in your case the arching has not damaged the motherboard and all you need
to do is solder the power lead to the board.

Good luck.

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