Compaq notebook LCD problem

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I have a Compaq Presario 3000 notebook, model# 3077wm. The LCD backlight
will occasionally turn off. This is an intermittent problem that can be hard
to reproduce. The problem has been occurring on rare occasions for about six

The back light will suddenly start to rapidly blink on and off and then go
out. This happens for no apparent reason. When it happens, sometimes you can
lightly tap on the side of the screen and the light will turn back on. You
can also sometimes tap on the side of the screen and the light will flicker
on and off in response to your taps. You can also move the screen back and
forth on the hinge and get the same effect.

It's as if there is bad connection or broken wire in the hinge area. I've
checked the wires and connections and they appear to be fine. However, I
have not been able to reproduce the problem since I did this. But, the
laptop will sometimes go for weeks without exhibiting the problem, so it's
hard for me to know if I fixed it.

Does anyone here have any experience with this problem. I've read that LCD
backlight problems might caused be a bad backlight or a bad inverter. Can
the backlight be replaced? If so, does anyone know of a good source for the
part and for instructions on the replacement procedure?

Thank you,

Steve Smith

Re: Compaq notebook LCD problem

There is no easy answer to "can the backlight be replaced".  It depends
on the LCD panel.  Some can be replaced very, very easily, some can be
replaced with some difficulty, some can be replaced only in a clean room
or on a laminar flow workstation and only with great difficulty, and
some cannot be replaced at all.  Even when replacement is possible,
getting the parts is often a major problem.  Newark and Digi-key carry a
number of these lamps, but often you need an exact "total replacement
part" including the wiring harness, that can only be obtained from the
panel or laptop mfgr.

However, from your description, I think that the problem is more likely
to be the inverter or the wiring from the motherboard to the inverter
(which passes through a lid hinge).

Steve Smith wrote:

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Re: Compaq notebook LCD problem

Yes, I had the same problem until it finally went completely blank. I had to
kill the laptop and reboot. This nhappened three times, and thankfully I
bought Best Buy's extended warranty, because after the fourth time it
happened, they told me to pick out a new laptop.
This is after three times sending it in for repair: they repaired/replaced
the hard drive, baclight LCD, bios, cover, and still kept popping out from
time to time. Hope you have a warranty, or else it will cost more to repair
than your original purfchase price, believe me.

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