Compaq nc4010 battery wont charge

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I'm experiencing some strange behaviour with the battery on my laptop.
When I plug in the AC adaptor, it will charge up to about 40%, but no

If I unplug the adaptor and then plug it back in, it will start to
charge for a minute or so, but then stop again. I've left it unplugged
for a while in case it was a overheating problem, but this appears to
make no difference.

Also, if I turn the thing off, then it does not appear to charge at
all. At least, the battery light on the front does not come on.

The whole unit is only 10 months old, and it has not had excessive use,
so I would hope the battery has not been trashed yet.

Has anyone else seen anything like this, or should I just be trying to
get it fixed under warranty at this point?



Re: Compaq nc4010 battery wont charge

If it is under warranty what are you waiting for, the warranty to expire.
Either the battery has a shorted cell or the charging circuitry is broke.

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Re: Compaq nc4010 battery wont charge

Woody wrote:
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I was waiting to see if there was anything I'd missed which wouldn't
involve me sending the thing away and being without my laptop for a
couple of weeks.


Re: Compaq nc4010 battery wont charge wrote:
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Ignore the reading temporarily.
Turn off all power management in the bios and the os and anywhere else
you can find.
How long does the computer run before it shuts off?
How long did it run before the symptom started?
If the numbers are the same, your charge indicator is out of sync.
Sometimes there are software programs to recalibrate it.  ON my Gateway,
it's in the bios setup.  Google is your friend.
If the numbers are different by the 2.5X suggested by the charge level
number, you might still want to try recalibration.
Failing that, your warranty is your friend.  But read it carefully,
the battery may have a much shorter warranty period than the rest of the 90 days.

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