compaq EVO heating -> display flicker - Assistance needed and appreciated

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I have a Compaq EVO N800V (Purchased 4 years ago), great machine till
now BTW.
The laptop is the P-M 1.7 model with 1400x1050 15" display.
A while ago the display began to flicker. It occurs only after a few
minutes of operation.
The problem seems to be motherboard heat related - after the computer
literally heats up - it begins.

External display is not an option (though flickering do not occur) - I
want to use my laptop as it was conceived - a laptop...

At a service lab, the technician was very nice and said he thinks too
it is a M.B. problem, but I will have to leave US$35-50 if I want to be
sure, and ~US$600-700 to solve it - i.e. to replace the M.B (for some
reason this sounds a BIT not of the logical thing to do except for
HEAVY sentimental feelings). He might obtain a used MB for US$300.

Does anyone have an idea where to look on the M.B., for a tired
soldering perhaps?
If you experience, electrical schemes or something related, I'd
appreciate if you can share.
A suitable working M.B for <US$100 will be a solution too.



Some more data:
The phenomena began while there was a broken soldering (now fixed) at
the power-supply input.
Current "solutions" (not applicable to work):
The hair-drier solution...: Removing the keyboard and keyboard
protecting panel and cooling resolves flickers, until the business
heats up again (min or two).
The pressure solution...: Applying pressure on the mother board from
the top resolves it too.

Re: compaq EVO heating -> display flicker - Assistance needed and appreciated

If blowing on it with a hair dryer resolves the issue, then it doesn't
sound like a solder joint problem. I've gotta ask : is the fan in good
working order ? The motherboard should not heat up in a few minutes.
With the Pc turned off, use that hairdryer ( on COOL) to really get that
fan turning and get the crap out of it then even spray the fan with
WD-40 and repeat with hair dryer.

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