compaq c500 laptop wont boot up

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hey i was wondering if anyone can help me with this one....

i own a Compaq Presario C500 notebook and the jack to my charger became
loose after a while....but i was still using it (positioning it until it
was at a charge) but then it finally gave out. I then got a new charger
chord and when i plug it in, the lights turn on like its going to start
up but then shuts back down and the charger light (lightning bolt) wont boot up at all

what can be the problem?? did i fry something using the bad chord?
someone help please

...and yes the new chord is the right chord, same exact one thats made
for this laptop


Re: compaq c500 laptop wont boot up

oh okay thanks:mad::biggrin:


Re: compaq c500 laptop wont boot up

Have you resolved your powerup problem after using the new power supply?
I have a similar problem occur with a 900 where the connector was loose
but when using a new supply the computer will not powerup. suspect 5vdc
supply is gone.

Re: compaq c500 laptop wont boot up

dubloc315 typed on Sun, 9 Dec 2007 23:38:31 -0800:
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Sounds like the jack on the motherboard is loose to me. Most of them can
be repaired, but it isn't all that easy for most people. You have to be
good at soldering for one. /


Re: compaq c500 laptop wont boot up

Sounds like the Powerjack needs replacing to me too.
You can find Service Manuals, A Decent Tutorial Video DVD, the guy also
does the repair very cheap, and you can find lots of hints and tips on
those pages.
He also is a good supplier of almost every power Jack available.
Check it out at:
'Home' ( )

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