Compaq Armada M300 questions

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Just picked one of these up. Has no hard drive right now but does nothing
when power is turned on. Lights come on the laptop itself and on the docking
station. I was expecting at least a bios screen. CD will not eject either.
Everything seems to be in good shape otherwise. Is this thing worth messing
with or should I look to unload as parts?

Re: Compaq Armada M300 questions

hmm... sounds like you've got a bad motherboard. I have had 3 m300's,
and lost a motherboard in one of them. The green power light and the
keyboard lights would come on, and thats it.

The only other think I can think of is it being that the BIOS needs to
be reflashed. Do the Keyboard (num-lock, caps-lock, and scroll-lock
lights come on?)


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