Compaq Armada M300 - how much noise should it make?

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I've just bought a second-hand Compaq Armada M300 (PIII 500MHz) for my
father to use (simple web browsing and mail).  It checks out OK with
all the diagnostics but it's remarkably noisy.  There's a pronounced
whine from the fan - as noisy as many desktops I've come across, and
with a metallic timbre to it that I've not heard before.  It's the
laptop itself, not the docking unit where the FDD and CD are.

Before I take it up with the guy who sold it to me (who's dead
straight, so I don't want to mess him around) ... can someone who has
one of these, or had one, tell me what level of noise is normal?

(I hope this isn't an FAQ; I Googled fairly intensively, though I'm
not sure I found an adequate query string)

Henry Law       <><     Manchester, England

Re: Compaq Armada M300 - how much noise should it make?

I have an M300 P3/600; the fan is whisper quiet, though the original HDD
(which I replaced with a 40GB/5400) sounded similar to your description
of what you think might be fan noise. In your position I'd try a
different disk first, even if on a temporary basis, to rule that out as
the source of the noise (and certainly far easier to replace than the fan!)

On a separate note, the M300 manual I printed out claims the machine can
take 512MB memory, but a DIMM larger than 256MB keeps the machine from
booting (even though the 512MB is recognised by the BIOS). I sure would
like to know a way utilize the larger DIMM! Anyone...?


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