Compaq Armada 7790DMT battery problem

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After 3 months of absence, I dusted off my Compaq Armada 7790DMT and
turned it on. I noticed some odd things:

* The clock was set to midnight, 1/4/1980
* The battery wasn't charging

I set the clock to the correct time and date and thought nothing
further of it, until the next time I powered the machine up: the clock
had lost its time setting *again*. At that point, I also noticed that
the battery wasn't working: when I pulled the power cord, the machine
died instantly.

Checking the Control Panel, it turns out that the machine does not even
recognize that the battery is there; in the Power Meter tab of the
Power Options, it says battery #1 is Not Present.

When I remove and re-insert the battery, the battery is recognized
briefly (the battery indicator switches to "Charging"), but after a
fraction of a second, it disappears again. This behavior remains the
same no matter how often I try it.

Since the machine is more than 7 years old, and the battery is
presumably as old as the machine (I bought it used so I can't be sure
about that), it wouldn't surprise me if the battery is starting to
fail, but I would expect the symptom to be that it won't hold a charge
any more, not for the laptop to claim it isn't even there at all. Also,
I'm confused why the clock loses its setting when I pull the power cord
-- I thought the clock had its own battery.

I'm not sure what to do next -- I wouldn't mind spending 150 euros for
a new battery, but not if the problem is actually something with the
laptop itself, which would probably cost more to repair than it would
cost me to replace the machine. I'd love to hear from anyone who has
experienced similar symptoms.


 - Thomas

Re: Compaq Armada 7790DMT battery problem wrote:
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The cmos battery has gone. Get a new one, or live with it (probably not
a good idea for several reasons).

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Well, it may have failed too. Try a new one. But your first problem is
the cmos battery. I wouldn't bother trusting any other symptoms until
you had fixed that.


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