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I have Compaq Armada 110. I've just upgraded the CPU from C700 to P3850, but
the computer is very unstable after that. He can crash a few minutes after
power on, then I must wait to power it again.

I found SW1 swith near the processor. Does anyone know what it is about? How
is should be set for 850MHz.


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I have a compaq armada laptop and it will not come on at all.I try to
plug it up to the charger but it will not come one either. I have come
to the conclusion that it has to be either the battery or the charger
because if it was anything else it would atleast come on to give me an
error code.Am I right or is there something else I should check?

Re: Compaq Armada

Try taking the battery out and plugging in the charger.

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Could also be the mainboard; if it fried the machine wouldn't come on
either.  Many laptops have a problem where the power socket on the
mainboard gives it up; find someone with a similar machine and
recharge your battery.

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