college laptop, lenovo or Asus

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hi, i've been looking around for a while and have a few questions.

I need to buy a computer for college that will last at least 3-4 years.

currently i console game (g-cube) and a bit of counterstrike and

my target price is around $1200

i'm trying to decide between a lenovo N100 and an ASUS s96j
ATI X1600
1g ram
3 year warranty

Go 7300
512 ram
1 year warranty

How do these two systems stack up against each other?
How futureproof is the x1600 card?
can the lenovo play current games, barring FEAR and the like?
any other computer suggestions?

any help greatly appreciated :)

Re: college laptop, lenovo or Asus

you won't have time to play games while attending collage, you will use free
time for drinking
beer and chasing babes, oh yea and studying. So go with a cheaper machine
and put
away the childish toys and prepare to have some real fun.
Lenovo would be my buy

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Re: college laptop, lenovo or Asus

you make a good point there BigJim :)

i'm really leaning to getting the lenovo
besides i'll probably end up buying another lappy in 3 or so years
because i'll be in college for at least 6 (co-op)


Re: college laptop, lenovo or Asus

mini chifa wrote:

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First thing to do is check with the college and see if they have a specified
configuration and if they will sell it to you cheap.  If so then that's the
one to go with--if Professor So and So's homebrew software doesn't run on
it it's between him and Computing Services, he can't point the finger at
your nonstandard machine.

to email, dial "usenet" and validate
(was jclarke at eye bee em dot net)

Re: college laptop, lenovo or Asus

most often laptop makes lousy game machines in part because
video memory is shared with the main memory ( that why most
laptops configured for gaming have 1GB and over of ram).
Computer component by their very nature will become
obsolete in a two or five years.

I agree with the other poster - if you're going to college - you
probably won't be using your laptop for games ( there's
computers everywhere in college - so you'll most likely
be able to find a desktop gaming machine at college that
would whip the pants off any laptop ). You'll endup using
your notebook for school work ( e.g. word processing,
internet browsing, uploading/downloading from a wifi
hotspot, emailing/ IMing  your friends)

If you are traveling alot with your notebook there
are two things you might want to look into carefully.
insurance/warranty and lo-jack for laptops.

If you are going to be walking around campus alot
with your notebook - a lighter and simpler notebook
maybe in the end be more managable than a
heavier and more powerful notebook.

mini chifa wrote:
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