Clone software: Ghost versus IBM Rescue and Recovery

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IBM tech rep suggested Ghost over IBM R&R.  I not have Ghost 9 and 2003.
IBM R&R is needed if I have embedded security, and I hesitite to use another
progam.  Yet it did not work so well with the last crash and I need more

Recommendations?  I have all of the toys; many external hd firewire, 1 wd
passport usb, internal cd writer and external dvd+- writer.  Other notebooks
link via wireless.

Re: Clone software: Ghost versus IBM Rescue and Recovery

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Acronis TrueImage 8.............

Re: Clone software: Ghost versus IBM Rescue and Recovery

Second that...Acronis TrueImage


Glittery Gary wrote:
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Re: Clone software: Ghost versus IBM Rescue and Recovery

Bigguy wrote:
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Third that. I've used XXClone and XXClone-Trial versions, niether one
worked trying to clone my C: drive to a larger USB drive. It just won't
boot. I then downloaded True Image Trial version (full capability, but
expires in 15 days), and the new disk worked and booted just fine.
BTW, my OS is XP Home.

Re: Clone software: Ghost versus IBM Rescue and Recovery

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Well,  I've used IBM R&R (once or twice to test it out since it came
free with my ThinkPad).  I have also been using Ghost for about 4-5
years,  and have been using Acronis True Image for about 2-3 years
now.  Each tool has its pluses and minuses.  I have little experience
with R&R,  but I have read about it's failing in the reliability area.
I have not experienced this myself,  but I'm aware that a number of
other have.  There have been some fairly recent releases of R&R to
address some issues,  so that may address your issues,  I'm not sure.

Why do you claim that IBM R&R is required if you use the embedded
security features of your ThinkPad?  Is it because the security
features are only available once Windows is running,  or in the IBM
R&R boot?  If that's the case,  then you should also be able to use
True Image v8,  or Ghost v9 as they work inside Windows,  so your
system will handle the security interpolation for you.

The biggest issue comes down to this (in my eyes):  Assuming the
software works,   how hard is it to use?  If I have to reboot my PC
into an exclusive "backup mode" then I'm not likely to make backups. I
will sacrifice a little simplicity on the restore side to make the
backup side easier,  as I hope to use the restore function much less
often.  The IBM solution requires this reboot,  and until the most
recent Ghost version it also required a reboot.  For as long as I have
been using Acronis True Image,  it has worked under windows and not
required a reboot into "backup mode" to make it work.  Ghost v9 now
works under Windows,  but it also takes about twice as long to backup
my system as True Image v8 does,  so I'm less likely to use it.  I had
started looking into finding Power Quest Drive Image Pro,  as it used
to be a player in the market only to find out that Symantec had bought
it and that is now the basis for Ghost v9.

I have settled on True Image for several reasons.  It works under
Windows,  and fairly well no less.  It also supports incremental as
well as full backup modes.  Additionally,  it has its own scheduler so
you can make a backup run automatically in the middle of the night so
all you have to do is remember to leave the system on,  and have the
destination attached (if an external drive,  I'm not sure if it will
auto connect to a network drive or not).  Also,  be aware that True
Image v8 for servers is the first package I've found that will allow
you to image dynamic volumes...

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