Clone Laptop Hard Drive

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I'm trying to work out the easiest way to do this...I've got...
a laptop hard drive on its last legs, a new laptop hard drive and an
external USB drive.  The best I can think of is get Ghost 10.0 and...
1. ghost current hard drive to external USB drive
2. put in new hard drive
3. boot with Recovery CD (BIG question.  will I be able to see the USB
hard drive?)
4. Ghost from USB hard drive to new hard drive

Comments...and TIA

Re: Clone Laptop Hard Drive

Close, but there is a better way.

1.  Get a USB case for an external 2.5" IDE laptop hard drive (about $10)
2.  Put the new drive into the external case
3.  Ghost the current drive to the new drive
4.  Put the new drive into the laptop

Only one ghost operation.  (Note:  for reasons that are not clear,
sometimes a "ghosted" partition won't boot and requires some level of
maintanence which in some cases ranges up to a "repair installation").
Be sure that when you do the Ghost of the partition, you set the
partition active and make it bootable.

[Personally I prefer "Drive Image" to Ghost, but either of these, or
Acronis True Image, will work.]

Grumps wrote:
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Re: Clone Laptop Hard Drive

You have the system OEM recovery CD so why don't you just save all your
files and data to the USB external drive and then replace the failing hard
drive with your new hard drive and simply copy your files and data to the
new hard drive after running the recovery CD on it?

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Re: Clone Laptop Hard Drive

I'm not grumps, but the usual answer is that this means reinstalling all
installed software, which can take days for some users.  Also, an
indeterminate number of configuration and registry settings are lost.

Kevin wrote:
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Re: Clone Laptop Hard Drive

Thanks Barry...I'll have a look for a USB case (the UK tends to lag
behind on slightly unusual h/w...).  You're right that I've got so much
stuff in my boot partition I really would hate to start again.
However Kevin, hindsight is a great thing and, yes, if I was starting
from scratch I'd have been much more organised about separating
programs from data etc....same old story probably...

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