Clevo d900t startup problems

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Good afternoon all,

My Clevo d900t notebook has an annoying problem: it sometimes doesn't
want to start up properly. Let me give you some details about what

* With "not starting up properly" I mean that the computer does start
only partially: the harddisks start running, the cd drive starts (lights
on) and after a while the ventilation of the CPU starts also. But that's
it! The screen stays blank (not even the backlight turns on) and the
computer doesn't even get into its BIOS start-up screen. Also the clock
on the blue screen at the base of the laptop doesn't light up.

* Above happens all the time when the computer has been off for a while.
When the computer is warmer the problem becomes less and less. When the
computer is cold I always start it up and leave it for 30 minutes for it
to warm up a bit. I then try to restart it until it finally shows its
BIOS startup screen (usually the clock on the blue screen in the base
first shows up).

* When I reboot from Windows XP or Linux it also gets stuck every now
and then. The OS shuts down properly, but at the point where it needs to
reset the computer it stops. This also seems to happen more and more
when the computer is "colder".

Some things I already tried to solve the problems:

* I tried to start the computer by removing/disconnecting hardware one
by one. This didn't help. The hardware I tried it with are: harddisks,
dvd drive, GPU, CPU, memory cards, the WLAN/Bluetooth card, the TV card,
the notebook screen, the blue screen at the base of the notebook (for
time display and CD functions).

* I replaced the two SATA150 harddisk (originally it came with two 80GB
drives; I now have two 100GB drives). I didn't really do that to solve
the problem, but just to get some more space for my dual Linux/WinXP
boot :) .

* I tried it with only battery power, with only ac adapter power and
with ac adapter power with the battery installed.

* I updated the firmware of the DVD drive and of the notebook.

As you can see, the problem looks really strange. Because I use the
notebook more or less in a desktop situation the problem doesn't bother
me too much, its just an annoyance. But it would be nice if somebody
could help me solve the problem before I send the computer for repair
(which normally costs a lot of time and money).

Ah, and what I forgot to tell is that when the computer DOES start up
properly, it works flawlesly in both Windows XP and Linux (Gentoo).



Re: Clevo d900t startup problems

Erwin R. Leijen wrote:
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I don't believe that you can avoid having it repaired.  These type of
problems are often due to a failed solder connection, cracked mainboard,
etc.; the problem can only worsen until one day it will fail


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