Classic restoration & SentiMENTAL

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Speaking of classics and , I picked up a Dell C400 with no keyboard, top
plate, battery, or hard drive caddy for $54.00 total on EEEbay.
The chassis and screen are mint (looked unused).
Keyboard $15.00 total.
Top Plate $5.99 total.
HD caddy  $2.99
1 GB PC133 sodimm 25.99 total
Battery (i had a spare).
60 gb hd (i had a spare).

So 103.97 to have a backup classic for my classic.

Plus I just ghost my classic to the new one and voila....

Re: Classic restoration & SentiMENTAL

G.G. Willikers typed on Sun, 08 Feb 2009 15:10:07 -0600:
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Yup, I am with you. You hear a lot of talk about software backups, but
you hardly ever hear of hardware backups. Which I  find strange, as
hardware backups are just as important as software ones IMHO.

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Re: Classic restoration & SentiMENTAL

BillW50 wrote:
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Right on the money, as usual, Bill! Even if you go further than anybody
I know in this respect :-)

John Doue

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