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My old laptop died in a nasty accident but fortunately my friendly
insurance company is giving me a new one - I have a choice between
Asus F3Jp and LG P1-KB10A.

Which one would you recommend?


Re: Choosing a laptop

I like the LG
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Re: Choosing a laptop

BigJim wrote:
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As far a vendors go, I would select the ASUS unless the LG is clearly
superior for your use.


Re: Choosing a laptop

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The Asus is a better laptop.


Re: Choosing a laptop

On Feb 28, 5:18 pm, wrote:
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This is a side issue: but your old hard drive might be alive, i've
seen hard drives survive car crashes, that totally wrecked the
notebook (screen bent wrong way around, and not on the hinge line
either, REALLY wrong way around). You might want to get a usb 2.5"
hard drive enclosure, you might be able to save important data from

I've not had the opportunity to service any asus or lg laptops, but
i've used other components from them. ASUS motherboards tend to die as
they age, but by that i mean more than 6 years old. LG has a good
reputation for making CD and dvd burners. But I don't know if that
applies to laptops, too. (what i mean by this is that some companies
are good at one thing, and suck at others. Belkin for instance makes
the best cables, but their wireless networking equipment is sub-par.)

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