cheap NAS alternative?

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It seems that everytime i'm working wireless on my laptop, the file i
need is on a usb drive somewhere in the house so i can't get to it.
In other words: i'd really love to have a NAS solution. Of course, i'm
dreaming of a 2TB NAS device to which i can hook up my existing usb
drives, supporting all kinds of RAID technologies and supporting GB
ethernet.  The only problem is the price..  it's just too expensive
for me at the moment. And building my own NAS server will take way too
much time....   but there's a third option so it seems ...  the
Linksys "Network Storage Link" ( /
review.aspx?CIaRID=2361).  It's a cheap gateway or convertor (or
whatever you want to call it) which makes it able to connect your USB
drives and share it over the LAN.  Sounds cool, sounds perfect even..
but there are two major problems:  a) the devices uses it own
proprietary disk format so you cannot disconnect the usb drive
afterwards to use it directly with the laptop (over usb) (?!) and b)
it doesn't support GB ethernet.

So my question is... does anyone know a similar device not having
these two major problems?  Or at least.. not having the proprietary
disk format problem?


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1) Just about any cheap computer with a LAN port and Win98 or newer
operating system (or Linux, using Samba or similar app) can be set
up to share files.  If that's too expensive or time-consuming:

2) Vantec makes a couple of NAS drive enclosures that have both
LAN and USB ports.  Expect to pay about $50 from NewEgg and add
your own 3.5" drive.  Mine is IDE, but I think there are SATA and
2.5" versions also.  Appears to be an embedded Linux system, and
doesn't support NTFS over the LAN, so it's limited to whatever
FAT32 will do (160GB?)  May be flash upgradeable if Linux ever
gets NTFS to work and if Vantec decides to implement it.  I don't
think the LAN port supports 1Gb.  Security options are a bit more
basic than a full-blown system, but seems to be a good fit for home
network/portable use.  Mine has 100GB and so far I like it.

Re: cheap NAS alternative?

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You want NTFS or similar modern file system.  That rules out W/98.

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If you have an old PC lying around or have access to one, then take a look
at NASlite+ from  This $24 USD piece of
downloadable software turns an old PC into a very good NAS providing just
about any kind of network access you desire.  I'v been running it for a
couple of years with a 250GB HDD as a NAS for about 5 PCs/laptops in my

Good luck.

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