charger for Dell M1210 laptop

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Our son forgot his charger for his Dell M1210 laptop.
Anyone know the specific size dimensions
for the round barrel connector for this charger ?

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Re: charger for Dell M1210 laptop

On 3/12/2011 2:32 PM, ps56k wrote:
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If you are thinking about supplying the correct current and voltage,
that won't work too well. This model like many Dell models has a ROM
chip (a third wire in the plug - center pin) inside of the AC adapter.

This ROM has nothing to do with the AC adapter itself. Although the
laptop reads it before it passes the self test. And without the ROM, the
best you can hope for is it might power the laptop, but the battery
won't charge. At worst, it won't do anything at all.

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Re: charger for Dell M1210 laptop

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 Take a look here:

For just a few dollars you can get a battery charger made for his Dell
M1210. Choose a vendor in your state, e-mail them and ask if they can rush
one out. I don't know anything about a rom chip inside, but I bought three
such "after-market" laptop battery chargers for my Dell for $9 ea and they
work just fine. He should get some backups and leave one with you!

Also, call around to a few computer supply stores, like a Fry's Electronics.
They may carry replacement chargers.

Radio Shack has a universal charger that is supposed to work with many
different laptops but it costs $65: .

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Re: charger for Dell M1210 laptop

"ps56k" wrote:
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    Here's a power adapter for an XPS M1210 for $25
that the seller in New Jersey claims is a Dell part:

    I have had very good experience with Power Brixx
in North Carolina - good prices and genuine Dell parts -
but their website seems to be undergoing maintenance
at the moment:


Re: charger for Dell M1210 laptop

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tnx - I think this time he'll just have to make due without for the week,
using the others around the house,
and we'll get a backup charger later to just have around....

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