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 I am planning to buy one laptop. I go for low cost laptop as I dont
have much now.
  Intel Celeron (1.4 Ghz, 1 MB L2 Cache, 400 MHZ fsb, 256 RAM )
For more:
( http://h50025.www5.hp.com/hpcom/in_en/11_29_64_2892_EL066PA.html )

* I will be using the laptop for running Java based applications. May
be some little bit heavy applications.

* Also, is there any problem with celeron processor to run softwares
that run on pentium machines?

Please give your comments:

Re: Celeron 400 Mhz

Also, let me know the future consequences of celeron.
*  power consumption
*  over heat on usage

Re: Celeron 400 Mhz

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If you plan on running any graphic applications, photo or video editing
software, or intend to do any gaming at all, forget a Celeron processor.
And increase RAM to at least 512 MB, no matter what processor you get.

Re: Celeron 400 Mhz

If this is your price range, it will be a good machine for you.  There are
better units and lesser units.  You in the USA?  Walmart and Sams have
similar units in the same price range.  Costco has something too.  Always
ask you return rights.  These stores are above average.

Get an extended warranty.  I buy 4 years with damage coverage.  Everything
breaks, repairs are high and resale in 4 years will be next to nothing.  You
need at least 512 memory, and I like Crucial.com.  Others are good, that's
just my favorite.

You know to never leave a notebook unattended in public, right?

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Re: Celeron 400 Mhz

Thanks all.
I will be running some java based applicaions servers.
If God willing some oracle like applicaions.

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