CDR101 problem installing Windows XP Pro with Matshita DVD-RAM UJ890AS optical drive - ple...

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My ASUS N61JQ laptop is running Ubuntu 10.04.
As far as I can tell from VirtualBox, this system has
a Matshita DVD-RAM UJ890AS optical drive,
which keeps giving the following message ...

"CDR101: Not ready reading drive R
Abort, Retry, Fail?"

during ...

1)    setup of Windows XP Pro (with MSDN CD) guest OS via VirtualBox; and
2)    xcopy of MSDN CD contents to C: drive
        [xcopy is an attempt to workaround the Windows XP setup problem]

AFAIK, files being processed when this error message occurs are ...

GDIPLUS.CAT    7,236 bytes
GDIPLUS.DLL    1,700,352 bytes
GDIPLUS.MAN    391 bytes

in the \english\winxp\pro\i386\asms00\msft\windows\gdiplus directory.
There may be other files that can cause this error message.

Any ideas?

Re: CDR101 problem installing Windows XP Pro with Matshita DVD-RAM UJ890AS optical drive - please help

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You've tried the obvious already?, i.e.:
- the MSDN CD is readable in other drives?
- the UJ890AS is reading other CDs without problems? a WAG of mine I'd say that either the CD is scratchy/ dirty or
the DVD drive is starting to fail (most often due to dirty optics) -
or both in conjunction - if you suspect the CD to be too scratchy you
could try to make a copy of it using another CD/ DVD-writer and use
that one for installing...

Cleaning the drive optics can help (using compressed air), but the
more the drive has been in use, the more it usually gets dirty -
unfortunately quite often in a way that can't be cleaned that easily,
as one of the major problems with time is dust being "baked" to the
lenses by the laser - a problem that would require dismantling of the
optics (not THAT difficult), cleaning and reassembling (quite
difficult as the lenses usually have to be readjusted again)...


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