cd/dvd burner speed problem in toshiba satellite L20-183

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I have a matshita uj-841s cd/dvd-burner in my toshiba satellite L20-183
laptop. According to the manual it should burn dvd-r/+r's with 8x max
speed,but it won't - it allows me to burn with 2,4x speed only. I
presume it's a dvd media problem (if not-plz tell me), therefore I'd
like to find a list (as full as possible) of working ones - meaning
those I can burn with max speed using the burner I have. The list in
the notebook's manual is REALLY short and it contains media I can't
find anywhere in stores in Poland (that's where I live), so if anyone
knows where to find a fuller one - plz let me know.
I'd also appreciate some info about where to find firmware to the
burner. Thx a lot.

Re: cd/dvd burner speed problem in toshiba satellite L20-183

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Are you using 2.4x speed blanks?  If so that is the fastest the burner will
run.  The disks are coded with their maximum speed.  Also, the burner will
not burn at 8x for the whole disk - if tried the disk would destroy itslf
with the forces.  The disk will burn at a slower speed to start with, and
then speed up in steps as the laser moves to the outside of the disk.

Don't worry about the list in the manual.  Any reasonably decent DVD blank
should work as the system contains provision for the burner to adjust its
laser to produce a good disk.  Many unbranded disks also work well, but
occasionally a brand will be found that gives a high error rate.  I have
even found that a suposedly reputable brand (BASF) burned apparently
perfectly and error free, only for the image to be unreadable within 6


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