Cause of white "marks" on LCD?

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Can someone please tell me what the cause is of LCD screen
inconsistencies that appear as white marks?  I'm talking about slight
cloud-like "staining" that is evident on mostly solid color backgrounds
(esp. white).  It's the same effect as if you apply slight pressure to
the screen.  The difference of course is that when the pressure is
removed, the white marks disappear.

The next logical question would be, is there any way to remedy these
marks or is this only something that can be repaired by a company that
reconditions and repairs LCD screens?  Thanks for any info!

Re: Cause of white "marks" on LCD? wrote:
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Any exposure to temperature extremes?


Re: Cause of white "marks" on LCD?

The white marks are caused by a  large amount of pressure having been
applied to the lcd in the affected area. I'm not sure what exactly it does,
but it will leave a mark on the screen itself. Has anything been put on top
of the lcd while it was closed? I really don't know of any way to fix the
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Re: Cause of white "marks" on LCD?

On 21 Mar 2005 08:14:14 -0800, wrote:

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Is there a blonde doing WP on the machine?  If so I'd suspect white-out.

(sorry, couldn't resist)

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Re: Cause of white "marks" on LCD?

I have seen these marks in the NEC versa lx laptops.  All the necs that
I have reburbished have this problem.  because the marks are random the
only reason that makes since is the oils of your hands that is left in
the keyboard.  There is not way to take them out.  It's not that bad.

Re: Cause of white "marks" on LCD?

The laptop was used so I was not the original owner so I have no idea
how they originally appeared(addressing the extreme temperatures
question).  My best guess would have been that some IDIOT closed the
cover while an item or items was/were between the keyboard & LCD (you
know, like used it as a "folder").  I know it's not all that bad, but I
do a lot of graphic design work so I'm already predisposed to being
anal about these sorts of things. And doing graphic design on a flawed
screen makes it seem worse -as opposed to say just browsing the web or
word processing/whatever.  It's just a shame that replacement LCDs are

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