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I have a Medion MD5950 laptop, which is a bit under 3 years old. Specs:
2.53GHz P4 Mobile
CD burner/DVD reader

It had come with XP Home and a bunch of pre-installed apps, and I later
added a dualboot with SuSE 8.2. Over time, in the course of
installing/uninstalling programs and other typical use, performance
degraded, so I decided to flush everything and do a clean reinstall, using
XP Pro SP2 (and later I plan to add SuSE 10).

The laptop has three buttons in the case (not part of the keyboard). They're
quick-launch buttons for 1) default e-mail, 2) default browser, and 3)
user-defined. There are also three lights: 1) signifies that the laptop is
running from power, 2) the battery is charging, and 3) e-mail notification.

The laptop originally came with a program called EZButton, which allowed the
user to define the action when the third case button is pressed (I use
Trillian), and also EZMail, which activated the e-mail notification light.

After reinstalling the OS, I installed the above two programs. The third
button and the e-mail notification light did not work. I've traced the
problem to the following: These items only work properly when the user is an
administrator. Under XP Home, this was not an issue. Under Pro, however, it
is. For reasons of security, I have a separate user (non-administrator)
account for normal use, only logging in as admin when necessary.

I've given my normal user full r/w/x rights to the two directories
containing the programs.

I've found one workaround for EZButton: After startup, if I launch the
EZButton as administrator, the third button works. Is there a way to
automatically start the program as administrator at boot (logging in with
normal user), maybe with some sort of flag?

The same method does not, however, work for EZMail, maybe because it reads
Administrator's default mail profile instead of the actual user.

The manufacturer isn't much help, and the latest version of the software was
released sometime in 2003. I have not yet succeeded in finding out who the
author is. Apparently, this system has been used in several brands of
laptops, primarily in the European and Asian markets.

Does anyone have a possible workaround or alternate program that will make
everything work?

Failing that...I've done some programming in the past (although my aptitude
is more in the database area). Is there any way I could find out how those
devices are called/activated? The EZButton program came with a DLL called
KeyHook.dll, and EZMail came with WinIo.dll, if that helps anyone with more
low-level HW expertise than I have.


Re: Case buttons and LEDs

Mike T. wrote:
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Did you install as administrator specifically for all users, if that was
an option?  That should allow full use by limited accounts.


Re: Case buttons and LEDs

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That unfortunately wasn't an option. As far as the EZMail program, even if I
install as user, it doesn't work...only as admin.


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