Caring for my Laptop

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Hey all, I've got a Compaq Pres R3000 and have a few questions on caring for
my laptop.

1- Keyboard. I'm embarassed to admit how much dust is actually in my
household. Never realised it until I started seeing it accruing on my laptop
monitor and keys. Is there any special suction/ or air-spray & such that's
good for a keyboard? Or should wiping with a dry cloth every so often

2- Monitor. Hmmmm, did I mention monitor dust? Well, there's also a few tiny
smudges here and there and I'm ultra careful to not be wiping down my
monitor without being sure I know I'm doing it the right way? Any real-First
Hand Experience out there as to what's best and safest?

As you can all tell (or maybe not) I'm still treating my 4 month old laptop
as if it's a newborn baby (scared that is to do anything that'll screw it
up....hell, it cost me enough).

Thanks in advance for suggestions, insight and other relevant comments.


Re: Caring for my Laptop

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Canned "air" is fine.

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few tiny

For screen dust, I prefer to use a soft paintbrush and whisk it off
lightly. For smudges, eyeglass cleaner (the non-ammonia type designed
for coated lenses) on a soft tissue. Don't use canned air because you
might freeze the display.

Re: Caring for my Laptop

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