Cardbus TV Tuner / Video PVR Card recommendations?

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just got a 80$ 'Norwood Micro' cardbus pvr tv tuner card from compusa.

it works, but the video pixel noise level is pretty high, eg on a news
show with a solid blue color background, it is easy to see a constant
'hiss' of pixel noise.

so i am now wlondering if there are any cardbus tuner cards out there
from 'reputable' video mfrs eg ati hauppage who understand about video
signal quality?

this is for an inspiron 8200 laptop used as a desktop, has no native
usb2 port but has firewire.

the alternatives i considered are a firewire tv tuner box, but none
were available at the stores i checked, or a cardbus usb2 adapter with
external usb2 tv tuner box, but i am suspicious that a cardbus usb2
would actually have real usb2 speed and hence would stutter on video,
even though in theory the cardbus bandwidth is fast enough for video, i
wonder if the speed would really be realized through all the interface

Re: Cardbus TV Tuner / Video PVR Card recommendations?

Sicuro TV Cardbus PCMCIA TV Tuner + Video Capture + FM Radio
I ordered this one Probably the worst   Cost about $60 USD
If not good I will go with a usb whenever I can.

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