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I have two Inspiron laptops. A B130 and a E1505. Dell tells me that I
have to purchase two separate types of car adapters for each of the
laptops at over 100 dollars a pop. Is this true? If so, why? Also, do I
have to buy Dell's car adapters or can I get a generic one for cheaper


Re: Car adapters wrote:
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Don't fall for it.

Go to your local office supply store and purchase a DC Inverter for
about $30.00.  An inverter turns your cigerrette lighter into a
standard AC electrical outlet.  Plug your standard AC adapter into the
inverter, plug your laptop into the adapter and carry on.

Great for cell phone chargers, VCR's and other low wattage items you
might carry in your car.

See ya,

Re: Car adapters

Jim Fisher wrote:

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I will second that recommendation.

Re: Car adapters

Yep.  Try to buy one that can supply enough power (watts) to both run the
laptop and charge the battery at the same time.  If my battery is depleted
(even a little) and I try to run my laptop, I will pop the 140 W power
invertor I have.  I went out and bought a 400 W power inverter so I can
power bigger devices if I need to.
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Re: Car adapters

TheBurgerMan wrote:
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The recommendation from those who profess to know that power inverter is
somewhere around 50% efficient at delivering it's AC power, it to buy
one that is rated at least twice the wattage on the AC adapter.


Re: Car adapters

How about a Universal Car Adapter.  These come with several different
tips which enable it to be connected to different laptops.  Even if you
change your laptop, chances are that you can still use the same car

Universal Car Adapter:

Universal Car Air Adapter:

The answer to your question is yes.  You can use, buy cheaper generic
products, provided that the manufacturer/supplier of these products are
able to provide a guarantee and warranty.  Always use a reputable

As with most other things a branded product costs a lot more than an
unbranded generic product.  You are paying for the name.

Hope this is useful

Battery Wizard

Re: Car adapters wrote:
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  I use a 175 watt Vector invertor for my laptop and for an electric
cooler. Just get one of adequate size, they are not expensive so get a
big one. However, your laptop AC adapter is rated at much more wattage
than you will ever see. I think they rate it for maximum power draw of
every component in the laptop, something you will never see. So even
with low invertor efficiency, you would not likely to overload an
invertor that was rated close to the laptop AC adapter rating.

Of more concern would be the power outlet in your car. Some have fuses
of only 10 amps while others have 20 amp fuses. So, you might blow a
fuse. Just carry a few spares and don't put in a bigger fuse than came
in the car.

Good luck, jimbo

Re: Car adapters

Sounds good. Where would the fuse be for a Pathfinder?

Re: Car adapters wrote:
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  I have no idea. Check the users manual. My Acura has one fuse that
protects an accessory outlet in the console and the cigarette lighter
outlet on the dash, and a second fuse that protects the outlet near
the rear hatch.

Good luck, jimbo

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