Cannot burn CDs - _NEC DVD -RW ND-6500A

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I have a problem with a DVD-RW/CD-RW combo drive: _NEC DVD -RW ND-6500A
firmware: 2.24. First, it didn't want to burn any DVDs (Nero was just
freezing). After a reformat, now it burns DVDs but it doesn't burn CDs
(It says: "your compilation cannot be written on this kind of disk").
I've tried three different brand of CDs, but it just consider them as
non-writable. The drive works perfectly with both DVDs and CDs if I
take it out of the laptop and put in in a desktop, using a special
adapter. So the problem seems to be something else than the drive

What the hell could be wrong with this laptop?


windows XP SP2
Athlon 64 3400+
Clevo D470K Laptop
Device [1:0:0] _NEC DVD -RW ND-6500A 2.24 (D:)(ATA)

Re: Cannot burn CDs - _NEC DVD -RW ND-6500A

That's interesting, I have the same drive and get spurious interrupts
from it that eventually hang my system.  I also can't read back DVD's
that I write with it.  I figured it was a software incompatibility
problem (I'm running an old version of Linux on that machine) and
wanted to get around to upgrading kernels before getting upset.
I wonder if the ND-6500A itself is the culprit (firmware bugs).
I'm not sure what firmware rev I have.

Re: Cannot burn CDs - _NEC DVD -RW ND-6500A

Paul Rubin wrote:
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Check Toshiba for firmware.  I seem to recall seeing one for the 6500a
when I downloaded firmware for the 3500a.


Re: Cannot burn CDs - _NEC DVD -RW ND-6500A

I've tried different firmwares with no luck. By the way, there's no
"official" new firmware for that drive.

Re: Cannot burn CDs - _NEC DVD -RW ND-6500A wrote:

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I installed that unit in my Dell Inspiron 8200. No problems.

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