Can this T30 keyboard be saved?

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I have an aging Thinkpad T30 that has a couple of unresponsive keys.
The down arrow has to be pushed pretty hard to make contact and now
the 'd' requires firm pressure as well.

I've tried blowing under the keys to remove crumbs, cat hair, dust etc
and it doesn't seem to help. I've googled for suggestions for cleaning
the keyboard and most seem oriented to the "Pepsi syndrome" (some
sticky liquid spilled on the keyboard.) They seem to involve removing
the keyboard and rinsing it with water and then drying it off. Would
that be likely to help with my difficulties?


Re: Can this T30 keyboard be saved?

You are probably out of luck, but see if this keyboard can be
disassembled.  A few Thinkpad keyboards are screwed together, although
most are assembled by flaring (melting) the plastic, which you can't
take apart.

If you can take it apart, you can try seeing if you can clean the actual
contact surfaces, which are usually silver paint on mylar.  Be very
careful, it's possible to remove the silver paint.

HankB wrote:
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Re: Can this T30 keyboard be saved?

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Since the worst case scenario is ordering a new keyboard, I think you
can save it.

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