Can't get inside Transport GX3 laptop

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The power receptacle on my Transport GX3 laptop broke so that the DC
plug will not stay in.  It is out of warranty.  I have a spare
receptacle from an old Micron docking station, so I figure I'd just
open up the case, desolder, replace and be done, but no, there is ONE
screw keeping the case held together, located between the fan vent and
PCMCIA port that I can't seem to find access to...I'm so close and this
is so frustrating.  Does anyone know what I'm talking about who could
give me some insight into getting access to the circuit board?

Thanks in advance.  


Re: Can't get inside Transport GX3 laptop

dalemstevens wrote:
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I have no specific help, but have you removed the keyboard?  On most
newer laptops, that is the first step, and might expose an interior
screw.  Removed the rubber feet (cushions) to expose those screws? See
any small plastic plugs that need to be removed?


Re: Can't get inside Transport GX3 laptop

OK right, that was it.  Three little clips was keeping the keyboard in
place.  It popped right out giving me clear access to the heatsink &
fan assembly.  The screw I needed was under it.

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