Can my older laptop do these things?

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I have a Compaq Presario 1277, and would like it to be able to do the

1) Play DVDs
2) Burn CDs
3) Accept a larger hard drive. (I'm considering a 120GB Seagate
Momentus 5400.2)

The laptop has the following specs:

Approximiate Manufacture Date: October 1999
Processor: AMD K6-2/433 (Not sure if it is the mobile 'plus' version or
not.) with MMX & 3DNow! extensions.
Memory: 192 Megabytes (Maximum Supported)
Video: Integrated Trident CyberBlade i7 (Video memory is selectable in
BIOS and shares system ram - 2, 4, or 8 megabytes. Currently set to 2.)

Is any of this possible?

A friend gave me a combo CDRW/DVD-ROM 12.7mm laptop drive, but I know
very little about working on laptops, except that a service manual is
needed beforehand, unlike desktops.

The drive he gave me is a bare drive with no bezel, and was intended
for another laptop of similar vintage. Would it work in this one, and
if so, what would I need to know?

Does this laptop even support a 120GB hard drive? I know some older
laptops had BIOS limtations.

The current BIOS version is 0F0A, and I will be upgrading it to the
latest version I found on Compaq's site later today.

Even if it does do all that I ask it to, I realize that it will be slow
- I don't mind that.


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You can try it, but I'm not hopeful.  Many of the early laptops that
even came with DVD software did a really awful job of sorta kinda
mostly playing some DVDs until they crashed.  I wouldn't bother with a
6+ year old laptop...

Save your pennies for a dedicated portable DVD player or a real modern

Re: Can my older laptop do these things?

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Why should somebody with a modern laptop waste money for
a protable DVD palyer?

That makes absolut no sense

Roland Mösl cars and traffic building and live

Re: Can my older laptop do these things?

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They wouldn't, nor would I reccomend that they do so.

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Your refusing to read the missive to which you are responding, and
ignoring the OP's words, makes no sense.  Try to get on the same page
as the rest of us.

Re: Can my older laptop do these things?

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I can tell you that I had a Toshiba 2805 S201.  It was a Celeron, 600 MHz
with a base 64 Meg of RAM.  Running ME it would display DVDs, but would skip
when there were action scenes.  (Lot of camera movement/movement across the
screen.)  I upgraded the memory to 128 Meg RAM and it was better, but still
skipped.  Upgrading the memory to the maximum (256 + 64) and it played the
DVD fine.

Using an external CD-ROM burner worked very well.  It would take any drive
that would fit in it's slot.

My guess that your machine will take the 120 Gig drive fine, but as to
playing DVDs, not very well, but will.  As burning CDs, should do fine.

You are probably extending the life of the machine a bit too much though.
But that is your choice.

Re: Can my older laptop do these things?

The 2805's were excellent machines.  There were almost 2 dozen models,
and the CPUs ranged from a 650MHz Celeron (your machine ... I think it
was 650MHz, not 600, but I could be wrong) to a 1GHz Pentium III
(2805-S603).  Your model was the only one with a Celeron instead of a
full Pentium II or Pentium III.  Almost all of the other models played
DVDs fine "out of the box".

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